NFT For Pidgeons – Episode 191

Linda, Rey, and Ember catch up on what’s been up in our lives, and then talk about NFT.

The “Pockets” MadCap Misc was referring to:

Episode 171 – Jim Henson Tribute Show

Sorry again, episodes are coming so late. NineOf12 is out saving the world so…

Here’s Linda and Rey chatting about Muppet history and the life of the great Jim Henson.

Hard Core STEMinistas – Episode 150

The Grills relaunch after a hiatus with some fresh focus and talk about the changes in the Miss America competition.

Links to some other things we talked about:

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Cozy Horror with @jfdubeau and @daniora – Episode 146

The Grills chat with J.F. Dubeau and Amy Frost about the upcoming @achewillow storytelling podcast.

Check out Achewillow:

Soft Crinkles Was My Prince Cover Band – Episode 145

The Grills talk about ASMR, along with all the nerdy news and catching up on the deets of our geeklives.

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Your New Best Friend – Episode 144

TheJen and TruN00b are joined by Curley of DKG to spoil the Steven Universe Movie.

Rolling To Eliminate Game Theory – Episode 141

TruN00b and NineOf12 have a great chat with Steve Negrete of @DynamiteDnD about his live Dungeons and Dragons stream, and all sorts of other geeky stuff. 
He quizzes us on DnD monsters, playing DnD or Falsity! 
Find our guest’s content here:

Unimaginitive Dillweed Holes – Episode 108

Don’t Microsoft This Up – Episode 103

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