Less Sexy Vampires, More Serial Killers-Episode 206

Linda and Reiaino talk about YA Horror.

What was your gateway to the Horror Genre?

…and here’s the movie Rei couldn’t remember the name of: High Spirits https://youtu.be/tTf25FJdGYI?t=4368

The Amber Ruffin Show – Episode 202

Rey and Linda talk about the new Amber Ruffin show we are eagerly anticipating, and of course catch up on all of their geeky goings-on.

Atticus Is My Pulp Hero – Episode 201

Vampire: The Cast Party

Linda and Rey have a special guest, Jay Peterson, to talk about the movie The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It. Jay had a role in the movie!

You can find more on Jay at his website: http://www.jaythebarbarian.com/

Pride In Our Pokemon Parts – Episode 198

Happy Pride Month!

The Grills catch up on our geeky goings-on, and then discuss Pride Month. A little history, some IRL experiences, and a lot of opinion.

Linda/MadCap_Misc has Pride Plushies in her shop (along with all kinds of other goodies like the pockets we’ve been talking about)! Check it out: https://www.madcapm.com/shop/p/orchid-a6gtd

The Myth Of The Magical Scrotum – Episode 196

The Grills have a chat about our first and favorite Ghibli movies!

Here are some links to things that came up that we think you’d like to check out.

We Are Immune To Mentrification – Episode 194

The Not So Perfect RPG – Episode 188

The Grills catch up as usual on our geeky goings on, and then have a discussion about the recent kerfuffle at Kickstarter during Zine Quest 3.
Content Advisory : Part of the controversy involved a sexual assault scenario in a streaming RPG last year.

Bernie’s Mittens – Episode 184

The Grills chat about the recent Inauguration.