The Many Possible Truths About Pirates-Episode 261

This week the Grills welcome our new Co-Host in potentia Amy/RedFraggle3!

We FINALLY have our talk about “Queen of the Pirates” Ann Bonny.

Here’s a BUNCH of the resources we used for our information, and just for fund a link to the KidZone song…cuz that’s not weird.


LARPers Gonna LARP- Episode 260

Linda and Rey have a very informative talk about Live Action Role Playing. This could be a great 101 if you’ve been thinking about trying it!


Please as always, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have on our topic.

Long Live The Pumpkin Queen-Episode 258

Book Club with the Grills!

Shop Your Shopping Shoppers- Episode 257

The Grills talked about false advertising, especially in the context of social media influencers.
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Hotroot, Or A Hot Root? Episode 256

The Grills talk about our favorite soups! We have recipes for you, and would love some of yours.

  • Linda: Shrimp and Hotroot Soup- Redwall Cookbook
  • Three-Cheese Broccoli Soup- Slow Cooker Quick Fixes Cookbook-
  • Rey: Vegetable Soup
  • Hungry Girl Whole Enchilada Soup:
  • Ember: Butternut Coconut Soup. Recipe:
  • Hot and Sour Soup

Oh, and here’s the cool potion bottle Linda was talking about:

And the movie Rey mentioned:

Live Only Book Club, sorry-Episode 251

Okay, so, only Nine’s audio worked for the recording apparently and it was not discovered until too late to do anything about it.
Totally my fault -Ember.
We could really use a mod…
Anyway, we had a fun discussion with Tom about his great book, Trigor.
Here’s where you can find him, and it:

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