It’s Right Up Your Horror Alley – Episode 82

The Grills have a great conversation with J-F. Dubeau, two time DragonAward nominated writer, Kobo Emerging Writer nominee, and author of ‘The Life Engineered’ and ‘A God in the Shed’


Geek Grills dedicates this episode to Stephen Hawking R.I.P.

No One Can Talk-O Tuesday – Episode 81

An episode in which the Grills discuss Archetypes and Tropes.

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I Want To Live In Wakanda – Episode 80

In this episode, the Grills and guest @CurtisLaraque SPOIL the Black Panther movie.

So…you’ve been warned.

For Background, the comic Wiki:

When You Wish Upon A Dumpster Fire – Episode 79

In this episode, the Grills have a visit with special guest @ethancaine (aka Amos, aka, Anthony Lemos) of the Ritual Misery Podcast and <> infamy.

We catch up, hit on some nerdy news, and then grill our well marinated colleague.

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Happy Valentine’s Day – We <3 You! - Episode 78

Hey folks, everyone is getting access to this episode at the same time because we totally just love all of you so much. The main topic discussed in this episode is FanFic, FanArt..that sort of thing.
Some FanFic we referenced:
The HP Fanfic SIMS vid:
Origins of Fifty Shades:
Artists whose stuff Ember was showing on stream:
Frankenstein and his bride: Vulgardragon’s Den – Chad Susan, can be found on FB
Etched Glassware by:
Hero, Villain, and Anti-hero prints by: Twitter: @dezoo_art

Getting Drunk Is My Favorite Thing – Episode 77

In this episode the Grills are joined by Abby, Murphy, and Shana. Three women who brew/distill/infuse a variety of wonderful beverages! We all geek out on the process, as well as other wonderfully nerdy things.

Other links and online sources:

“One Last Drink” by Enter The Haggis used with permission. Thanks guys!  Check them out at:

Cooking With Jackie – Episode 76

In this episode the Grills are joined by special guest @jackiehern81 of <> fame;  she’s a Puppeteer, Podcaster, Archivist, and Booker for Cordkillers.

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It’s a four-skin team, we’re screwed! – Episode 75

In this episode, the grills talk about digital collecting aka “Paying for Pixels”

Jen and Ember like WoW Pets…a lot. Gotta have ’em all? Here’s a handy site:

The Wow Pet Battle Parody song you hear a snippet of in this episode can be found here:

The Crossbars of Learning – Episode 74

In this episode, the Grills talk about the toys we remember as kids. Nostalgia galore!

The Toys That Made Us Trailer:

(theme song in this episode used with permission)

The Cranberries Tiny Desk Concert:

Other relevant links:

Nine’s skateboard:


Polly Pockets:

American Girls Borrowing Programs:


A Fruit Basket of Spite – Episode 73