The Pikachu Moon Of Dune – Episode 216

Linda, Reiaino, and NineOf12 catch up on our goings on as usual, and then talk about Dune in all it’s iterations. Novel, Movies, Miniseries.

Check out this awesome grinchy scarf!


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Never Turn Down An Unsolicited Dinosaur Fact – Episode 214

The Grills catch up on our geeky goings on, and have a chat about Daylight Savings Time.

IRL At The Renaissance Festival – Episode 213

Last week the Grills met up IRL at the Carolina Renaissance Festival! Tune in to hear all about our fabulous day!

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Games Of Horror And Such-Episode 211

Ember and Rey have a chat about Horror games. Old games, new games, video games, tabletop games…

Here’s some of our reference links:

See ya next week for our Halloween party! 10/25

Too Many Chainsaws – Episode 210

In which the Grills talk about their experiences and opinions on haunted walks and houses and woods and mazes and such…

Here are links to some we have visited recently:

The Village | 13-stories (

NETHERWORLD Haunted House in Stone Mountain, Georgia – #1 Haunted House in America! (

Rey’s Zoe Costume:

Here’s a pic of Linda’s Minnie Bounding Dress for her Disney trip:

and here’s Ember and her husband’s date night at home ceramic project after firing:

That’s My Secret, I’m Always Hungry – Episode 209

NineOf12 and Reiaino are joined by Author J-F Dubeau in this episode.

We catch up on what’s new in our lives, and then chat about J-F’s upcoming book Song Of The Sandman, which is a sequel (2/3) to A God In The Shed.

You can read a bit about J-F here:

To purchase the latest book:

Other works we talked about are a podcast he is on: 40K Radio Podcast | The Freebooter’s Network (

Of course, there’s also Achewillow, which you’ve heard about before either because J-F (the show’s writer) and Amy (who narrates it) have been on our show before-or because we talk about it all the time.

We hope you enjoyed our conversation, and tell your friends!

OH, and here’s that pierogi festival Rey mentioned:

Bloodlines Is Not A Dating Sim-Episode 208

In this episode, the Grills have our Book Club meeting!

We read “Lamb-The Gospel according to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal by Christopher Moore”

We enjoyed it, and talked about other things it reminded us of like some musicals and plays, and movies and games!

We forgot to mention how well female characters are portrayed in the book, oops.

Here’s a link to the game Rey talked about:

I Own A Glue Gun, And I’m Not Afraid To Use It – Episode 207

The Grills catch up, and then talk about the 2021 Olympics!

New events, uniform controversies, and even Nerdy moments!

Here are links for some of the stuff we chatted about: