Soft Crinkles Was My Prince Cover Band – Episode 145

The Grills talk about ASMR, along with all the nerdy news and catching up on the deets of our geeklives.

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Your New Best Friend – Episode 144

TheJen and TruN00b are joined by Curley of DKG to spoil the Steven Universe Movie.

Never Go Full Spandex – Episode 143

The Crochet Cosplay Quick Change – Episode 142

Rolling To Eliminate Game Theory – Episode 141

TruN00b and NineOf12 have a great chat with Steve Negrete of @DynamiteDnD about his live Dungeons and Dragons stream, and all sorts of other geeky stuff. 
He quizzes us on DnD monsters, playing DnD or Falsity! 
Find our guest’s content here:

It Hits The NOPE Button – Episode 140

Is it vintage? Is it retro? The Geek Grill talk fashion, along with some nerdy news and chatting about our geeky life endeavors.

Topic Relevant Links:

Christian Dior’s ‘New Look’ of the 1940s and 1950s

My Pinks On My Face – Episode 139

With MAD Magazine going the way of the dinosaur, the Grills have a discussion about the evolution of print media.

Some reference points in our discussion:

I Don’t Want To Snapchat – Episode 138

The Grills talk about Ageism, along with catching up on our Geeky lives and some Nerdy News as usual.

Pretty Pink Pantaloons – Episode 137

TruN00b and NineOf12 talk about our geek lives, some nerdy news and lament the reduction of Home Ec classes in high schools.

That’s An Interesting Choice – Episode 136

NineOf12 and TruN00b talk about E3

and the other thing Linda mentioned: