The Supreme House Of Cards-Episode 238

Ember, Linda, and Rey have a discussion about the supreme court history and recent events. There’s also a few other interesting things to learn about how our government works in this episode…and our own opinions shining through.

Rosiland Franklin Discovered DNA-Episode 231

Rey and Linda talk about Rosalind Franklin, who helped discover DNA and didn’t get due credit for about 60 years.

A Surprise Ember Appears! – Episode 230

Rey and Linda have a talk about the history and origin of Mother’s day…and it gets kinda dark!

Horrid Housing Market Tales – Episode 227

“In 2022 a xennial couple decided this was the year to finally stop renting and buy a house.  The pandemic was winding down, the stars (finances) were finally in order, and they weren’t getting any younger.  Sadly, this is also the time of house flippers and investment buyers with cash, supply chain issues, and a lack of affordable starter homes.  Will they be able to buck the odds and finally move into a home of their own?  Or will they continue to be locked into renting, lining the pockets of their landlord, until they are finally priced out and have to move anyway?  This is their story.”

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