A Fruit Basket of Spite – Episode 73

Donate Life America Charity Stream with <> Episode 72

Ember, TheJen, and Linda are joined by Gina for this very special charity event. Personal accounts of experience with tissue and organ donation are related, highlighting the importance of education and communication in ways that YOU can help save lives.

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Gina’s Story Here:


Digital Love w/ guest Heidi McDonald – Geek Grills – Episode 63

Nineof12 chats with Heidi McDonald of www.ithrivegames.org.

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Marinara Marinade – Geek Grills – Episode 62

In this episode, the Grills chat with Matt, one of the hosts of the Polyhedron RPG podcast (http://www.headcanongames.com/polyhedron/ )

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Polyhedron Episode 041: http://www.headcanongames.com/polyhedron/2017/8/8/episode-041-why-so-many-questions-wkaeli-chambers
Cracked Podcast: http://www.earwolf.com/episode/checking-in-on-the-modern-state-of-dungeons-and-dragons/
Vice Article about Roleplaying: https://waypoint.vice.com/en_us/article/yvwnpx/dragons-in-the-department-of-corrections  

Credit Breaches, Oh My – Geek Grills – Episode 61

In this episode, the Grills are joined by Eric and they discuss the recent Equifax breach and discuss the basics of credit.

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Awkward Decisions – Geek Grills – Episode 60

Disclaimer: In this episode, the Grills tackle a tough subject.  We discussed Registered Sex Offenders and their membership in clubs/organizations and what to do if you know one.  This is a contentious topic, so fair warning 😉

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Ancestral Memory – Geek Grills – Episode 59

In this episode the grills discuss ancestry and genetic memory.

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The One with Abby West – Geek Grills – Episode 57

The Grills hang out with Abby West from Diary of Trans Woman.

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Get Your Game On – Geek Grills – Episode 56

In this episode, the Grills talk about gamifying health and fitness and catch up on the geeky week!

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