Eff Ur Bots – Episode 95

In this episode Nineof12 and TheJen talk about the race between science and legislation.

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A Regular Gay Rainbow – Episode 94

This week the Grills talk about E3, along with the other nerditude we have going on.

Deadlines for big purple flappy things – Episode 93

The Grills have special guest @phunockery this week and talk about her publications, her writing stream, and all the other geeky stuff we are into right now.

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It always goes back to alcohol – Episode 92

In this episode the Grills talk about their Convention experiences and wishes, along with some nerdy news as always.

Thanos vs Michael’s – Episode 91

In this episode the Grills are joined by guest Curley from Drunk Kids Gaming and talk about his own ‘casting origins and all the other geeky things of the world that strike our fancies.

Not Enough Spreadsheets – Episode 90

Spoilers: Thanos Kills Dumbledore – Episode 89

The Grills and guest Sooper of the soon to be launched Exhibit Q Podcast spoil Avengers Infinity War. We also discuss the sort of Geek Life and News items we always do. I’ve separated out one of the news links, cuz the spoils actually started in the Geek Grapevine segment and I want to make sure you can easily avoid the spoils if you need to, even here.

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Find Sooper: exibitqpodcast@gmail.com  Instagram: ExhibitQPodcast Twitter: @ExhibitQPodcast or @Sooper1138

Book Club #1 – A Wrinkle In Time – Episode 88

Linda and NineOf12 discuss our first book club selection, A Wrinkle in Time, and of course the nifty nerdy sort of things we usually cover.

Just Keep ‘Casting – Episode 87

In this, the Grills Second Anniversary Episode, we were joined by @williedills to celebrate and discuss all things podcasting along with the customary news items and updates on our geeky lives.