Happy Valentine’s Day – We <3 You! - Episode 78

Hey folks, everyone is getting access to this episode at the same time because we totally just love all of you so much. The main topic discussed in this episode is FanFic, FanArt..that sort of thing.
Some FanFic we referenced:
The HP Fanfic SIMS vid: https://www.reddit.com/r/DeepIntoYouTube/comments/7m3m0i/part_1_of_a_110_part_series_where_the_storyline/
Origins of Fifty Shades:
Artists whose stuff Ember was showing on stream:
Frankenstein and his bride: Vulgardragon’s Den – Chad Susan, can be found on FB
Etched Glassware by: www.raysvinyls.com
Hero, Villain, and Anti-hero prints by: www.facebook.com/charlesdrake Twitter: @dezoo_art