Episode 128 – Podcast Wizardry with @brycas

The Grills had a great time this week hanging out with our guest, Bryce Castillo!

You can find him @brycas on Twitter, and a bunch of the great stuff he produces at http://neshcom.com/

Here’s a game we talked about: https://store.steampowered.com/app/844590/Hypnospace_Outlaw/

Episode 127 – Hot Potato Tesseract (Capt. Marvel Spoilers)

The Grills spoil Captain Marvel!!!
Geek Grapevine –
Other links referenced in this show:

Episode 126 – Homeward Bound All The Things, Again

TheJen and TruN00b talk about upcoming spring 2019 movies!

Episode 125 – Comments On Prison

TheJen and TruN00b talk about prison.

Episode 124 – Book Club – Pilot X – With Guest, Author Tom Merritt

NineOf12 and Linda/TruN00b catch up on what’s new and what’s news and chat with Tom Merritt.

Tom is the host of several podcasts like Daily Tech News Showk Current Geek, Sword and Laser and Cordkillers, AND he’s the Author of the book Pilot X.


Geek Grills Episode 123 – Live SOTU coverage w/Guest Rev. Barney

In this crossover show, NineOf12 and TheJen are joined by Rev. Barney of the Heresy and Hearsay podcast to cover and comment on the State Of the Union live broadcast.




Who Doesn’t Like A Good Zipper? – Episode 122


In this do-over we actually discuss the ethics of keeping pets. We have updates on our lives, and new news, and TheJen returns!! (so of course we definitely have a road spill in the news).

The Poem by Terry Pratchett read by Neil Gaiman that Ember mentioned: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p06x3syv

Glamorous Headgear – Episode 121

Sorry for this truncated episode due to tech problems. We will cover the Ethics of Keeping Pets next week.

We’re Not Hysterical, We Promise – Episode 120

The Grills talk about the stigma surrounding mental illness, and educational solutions.
Mental health resources:
Call 1-800-273-8255
Available 24 hours everyday

Free Rein All The Things – Episode 119

In this episode TruN00b and NineOf12 talk about a bunch of stuff announced at the CES, and all the things we are anticipating in 2019.