Always a Fail Whale – Episode 110

Linda and NineOf12 talk about the growth of cultural awareness about podcasting and streaming.
Other Links of Note :

Maps Are Hard – Episode 109

In this episode TruN00b and TheJen talk about making art for sale.

Unimaginitive Dillweed Holes – Episode 108

I Watch Commercials To Find Out What’s New At Taco Bell – Episode 107

The Grills talk about how streaming has changed TV.

He Likes The Pink Ones – Episode 106

Linda/TruN00b, TheJen, and NineOf12 talk about “traditional” gender roles. At home, at work, in public…

Other references mentioned this episode:

You Don’t Have To Explain A Vampire – Episode 105

Special Guest Richard Cobbett joins TheJen and TruN00b to talk about the Kickstarter for his game Nighthawks – The Vampire RPG and all the other geekiness we’ve been up to and are anticipating.
Kickstarter Link:

Avoid The Pink Liver – Episode 104

In this episode the Grills talk all the geek you’re used to, and we hear all about Linda/TruN00b’s DragonCon adventure!

Don’t Microsoft This Up – Episode 103

The Meat of The Sparrow – Episode 102

In this, our second Book Club episode, the Grills talk about The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell. We also cover some nerdy news.

Life Stuff Ate Our Homework – Episode 101

Well, the Grills haven’t finished their book reports. Also, Battle for Azeroth came out, and TheJen’s work is being a butt. So Linda and NineOf12 just cover some nerdy news items and catch up on what we’re up to in this mini-episode.