Digital Love w/ guest Heidi McDonald – Geek Grills – Episode 63

Nineof12 chats with Heidi McDonald of

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Marinara Marinade – Geek Grills – Episode 62

In this episode, the Grills chat with Matt, one of the hosts of the Polyhedron RPG podcast ( )

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Credit Breaches, Oh My – Geek Grills – Episode 61

In this episode, the Grills are joined by Eric and they discuss the recent Equifax breach and discuss the basics of credit.

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Awkward Decisions – Geek Grills – Episode 60

Disclaimer: In this episode, the Grills tackle a tough subject.  We discussed Registered Sex Offenders and their membership in clubs/organizations and what to do if you know one.  This is a contentious topic, so fair warning 😉

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Ancestral Memory – Geek Grills – Episode 59

In this episode the grills discuss ancestry and genetic memory.

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The One with Abby West – Geek Grills – Episode 57

The Grills hang out with Abby West from Diary of Trans Woman.

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Get Your Game On – Geek Grills – Episode 56

In this episode, the Grills talk about gamifying health and fitness and catch up on the geeky week!

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You Look Fine – Geek Grills – Episode 55

The Grills talk about invisible illnesses and catch up after the 2 week break hiatus.

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“Invisible disabilities are chronic illnesses and conditions that significantly impair normal activities of daily living. In the United States, 96% of people with chronic medical conditions show no outward signs of their illness, and 10% experience symptoms that are considered disabling.[1]”


Breaking Kickstarter News w/ JRY – Geek Grills – Episode 54

The Grills talk Action News with Justin Robert Young and catch up on things post Nerdtacular.

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