What’s The Art Part? – Episode 252

This week we welcomed Scott Johnson, Mr. Frogpants himself, to the show.

We had plenty to talk about, but ended up kinda deep diving into all of our views on the current AI art movement.

(and pretty chickens fighting)

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Live Only Book Club, sorry-Episode 251

Okay, so, only Nine’s audio worked for the recording apparently and it was not discovered until too late to do anything about it.
Totally my fault -Ember.
We could really use a mod…
Anyway, we had a fun discussion with Tom about his great book, Trigor.
Here’s where you can find him, and it:

Woman, Life, Liberty-Episode 247

Linda and Reiaino have a discussion about the women’s protest going on in Iran right now.

Documention: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women%27s_rights_movement_in_Iran#:~:text=The%20Iranian%20Women’s%20Rights%20Movement,periodical%20was%20published%20by%20women.


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All The Geeky TV- Episode 246

(97) Women War in House of the Dragon – YouTube

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