That’s An Interesting Choice – Episode 136

NineOf12 and TruN00b talk about E3

and the other thing Linda mentioned:

I Like Talking With @alexalbisu – Episode 135

TheJen, TruN00b, and NineOf12 are joined by Alex Albisu and talk about SO many geeky things!
Alex is a podcaster, a guitarist, and a beer enthusiast who made it to the TOP TWO in the first season of America’s Next Top Podcaster. He’s currently producing “Diary of” episodes with the contestants and other participants from that series.
Also Find All Of Alex’s Work Here:

Book Club – Redwall – Episode 134

She Has Help – Episode 133

TheJen and TruN00b talk all about Avengers End Game, along with all the catching up and nerdy news.

End Game, The Worst Game Show Ever – Episode 132

Linda and Ember talk about their top 3 MCU movies, and theorize about End Game.
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Nice Sass And All Class – Episode 131

This week, the Grills talked about the current state of streaming and podcasting for females. We also talked about the tragic fire at Notre Dame, and caught up on the news and goings on in our geeky lives.

Monica Is The Sugar On Top – Episode 130

In this episode, the Grills are joined by Monica a.k.a. @wickedkitten13

Monica guest hosts, moderates, and manages several communities within the gaming and nerd world. She’s recently been a contestant on America’s Next Top Podcaster.

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Episode 129 – Wow, it’s a WoW shirt!

This week the Grills discuss the normalization of nerdy/geeky things into more of the norm in popular culture. We also catch up on some interesting news and what we are up to in our lives, as usual.
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Episode 128 – Podcast Wizardry with @brycas

The Grills had a great time this week hanging out with our guest, Bryce Castillo!

You can find him @brycas on Twitter, and a bunch of the great stuff he produces at

Here’s a game we talked about:

Episode 127 – Hot Potato Tesseract (Capt. Marvel Spoilers)

The Grills spoil Captain Marvel!!!
Geek Grapevine –
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