It’s Our Fourth Anniversary! – Episode 157


Tonight @NineOf12 and MadCapMisc were joined by a new host, Rei, and special guest @WillieDills to celebrate four years in the life of this podcast.

We reminisced on old episodes, talked about the future, and heard the origin story from Dills himself.

Great conversation all around, I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Episode 155 – Grills Are Essential

Episode  – 155, Topic: WIT-Women In Technology

Recording Date: 3/25/20 

  • Introduction

    • Linda Hosting

    • Hello and welcome to Episode 155 of Geek Grills.
    • The Geek Grills podcast is supported primarily by our Patrons
    • I am Linda and I am joined by my co hosts: September aka NineOf12 
    • Today’s Topic: WIT- Women In Technology
  • Today we also have a special guest:
    • (say Hi or howdy or greetings or whatever at roll call?)
  • So, What have you been up to?:

    • Linda: Worked on a few Baby Yodas and looked at a way to alter the pattern I have for Boba Fett to turn it into The Mandalorian. Made another octopus. Made a pattern for Iduna’s shawl from Frozen 2 (which I rewatched because I can). Also rewatched Rogue One (because I can). Played some D&D. And did some recording for my ASMR venture.
    • Ember: HH, helped Rob a song with a chat, started our book club selection 
    • theJEN:
  • Discussion Topic – 

  • Grilling

  • So, Grills, what are you most anticipating right now?

    • Linda: Birthday! I plan on getting myself some cupcakes and rewatching all of Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. Going to play my Star Wars RPG campaign this weekend over the internet, which will be a first for me.
    • Ember: Picard!!! Producing/editing and releasing the song to benefit locals, reading the book and hopefully making some stuff
    • theJEN:
  • Live Show Reminder

    • Remember folks, you can always come watch us record live at on most Monday evenings – next one will be on _____ at 5pm PST/8pm EST
  • Patron Updates and Amazon Pitch: Jen Does Patron Update

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  • Where can we find you on the interwebs?

    • Linda: You can also listen to me talk about women in gaming on the Glitter Dice Podcast, you can find me on Twitch under the name MadCapMisc and on Instagram under madcap_misc.
    • Ember: I can be reached @nineof12 on Twitter and Twitch, and on the Heresy and Hearsay podcast.
    • Jen: @thejensays on Twitter, streaming on and find everything at because I own it.
  • Thanks for listening everyone, Good Game!

Whimsical Ferret – Episode 154

Luna hats and bird nests and tribbles oh my! – Episode 153

In honor of Black History month, we talk about the amazing Madame CJ Walker. She was the first female self made millionaire!
This episode is dedicated to NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson, who passed on at the age of 101 On Feb 24, 2020.

Good Evening Elder Goth – Episode 151

MadCap_Misc, TheJen, and NineOf12 talk about Anne Clough, in our first “Historical Grills” show.

The Movie NineOf12 mentioned:

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