Getting Drunk Is My Favorite Thing – Episode 77

In this episode the Grills are joined by Abby, Murphy, and Shana. Three women who brew/distill/infuse a variety of wonderful beverages! We all geek out on the process, as well as other wonderfully nerdy things.

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Cooking With Jackie – Episode 76

In this episode the Grills are joined by special guest @jackiehern81 of <> fame;  she’s a Puppeteer, Podcaster, Archivist, and Booker for Cordkillers.

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With Great Power Comes Great Irresponsibility – Episode 71

 Special Guest MikeTV joins Ember, Jen and Linda for this episode. We talk about the creative process via streaming and songwriting, and all sorts of nerdy stuff.



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Modern Music in Movies – Episode 70

First, pardon some crazy audio. It’s exciting that we are now LIVE STREAMING mondays at 7pm while recording the show at….but Ember deleted some stuff by mistake so this audio is ripped from the video.We’ll keep getting better! We promise!


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Dissin’ Dysmorphia – Episode 69

In this Episode the Grills talk about body image and dysmorphia. We share personal and anecdotal perspectives about these issues, and problems surrounding them.

We’re not doctors, we’re women who care. We hope you’ll listen, and know your input is welcome.


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Putting Glitter on Remakes – Episode 68

In this episode we welcome a new host to Geek Grills, Linda from the Glitter Dice Podcast! We chat about remakes, sequels, reboots and sometimes it’s just a different freaking medium (book to film).


Geeking Out With Glitter Dice – Episode 67

In this Episode, Ember has Linda and Kelly from the GlitterDice Podcast on for a visit and they geek out about comics, LARPing and all sorts of stuff.


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Where The Nerd Things Are – With guest Ryan White – Episode 65

With TheJen off at Blizzcon, Nineof12 has her local comic book store manager on the show to geek out over comics and tabletop and stuff.


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Quest Forged is Life w/ guest Steven Crowe – Geek Grills – Episode 64

In this Episode we are joined by Steven Crowe, artist and creator of QuestForge Arena.

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