Pride In Our Pokemon Parts – Episode 198

Happy Pride Month!

The Grills catch up on our geeky goings-on, and then discuss Pride Month. A little history, some IRL experiences, and a lot of opinion.

Linda/MadCap_Misc has Pride Plushies in her shop (along with all kinds of other goodies like the pockets we’ve been talking about)! Check it out:

NecroFashionista – Episode 197

Join the Grills to discover the MANY worldwide holidays that are celebrated on May 31st.

May 31 – Wikipedia

May 31 – Fun Holidays (

The Myth Of The Magical Scrotum – Episode 196

The Grills have a chat about our first and favorite Ghibli movies!

Here are some links to things that came up that we think you’d like to check out.

A 12 Step Program, For The Murders – Episode 195

The Grills catch up on our geeky goings on, and then have a chat about the BIG list of upcoming Marvel movies and shows that have been announced. Some we are looking forward to, some? not as much…

Will you be headed to a theatre?

We Are Immune To Mentrification – Episode 194

The Error Message Was Just “Thicc” – Episode 193

Linda, Rey, and Ember have a discussion about Disney’s pay to watch “experiment” for some new releases on Disney +, after catching up on all our geeking goings on.

NFT For Pidgeons – Episode 191

Linda, Rey, and Ember catch up on what’s been up in our lives, and then talk about NFT.

The “Pockets” MadCap Misc was referring to:

Nachthexen Was My Steampunk Metal Band- Episode 190

MadCap_Misc, Reiaino, and NineOf12 talk about the amazing history of the “Night Witches” of WWII.

Book Club – The Red Tent by Anita Diamant – Episode 189

The grills catch up on all our geeky goings on, and have a discussion about this quarters selected book. We also roll to choose the next one!

If you’d like to read along, that episode should be in June, and we’ll be talking about Lamb, by Christopher Moore

The Game Linda mentioned is available for a name your price download: